8 Benefits of Working with a Small Recruitment Firm

One large dog next to one small dog.

When selecting a recruitment vendor, you may be drawn to the large well-known firms out there. However, you may be missing out on a gem by overlooking some of the smaller, more boutique staffing agencies.

There are many advantages to partnering with a small firm including a customized experience, genuine connections, and specialized expertise.

As a small agency, we are of course biased on this topic. But we do want to share with you some of the top reasons partnering with us or any other small firm will be a benefit to your business.

1. Easy Communication and Points of Contact

At many small recruitment agencies, it is common for a recruiter to have a “full-desk” meaning they make the initial contact, work with you on the agreement, and also fill the open position. You’ll build a close relationship with that recruiter who will learn your business and culture well, and not be passed from one person to the next across a larger firm.

Recruiters are accountable and responsible for providing the best experience for their clients from start to finish. Without hundreds of accounts to manage, the communication and feedback from recruiters will be much quicker too!

2. Recruiter Accountability

Since the same recruiter is working with you from start to finish, there won’t be a laundry list of promises from a salesperson, that the recruiter could never deliver. Recruiters are personally accountable for ensuring their client’s needs are met and job requisitions are filled.

3. Flexibility and Agility

Smaller recruitment firms can offer a more customized experience. Recruiters have direct access to the business owners or partners to be able to get contracts negotiated and any challenges addressed immediately.

There is no red tape or long procedures that must be followed. Small firms can pivot on a dime to new requests or changes. They are even able to offer a customized search experience for you.

4. Working with REAL People

For small firms to make it, they need to have very strong networks and connections in their specialties. Large firms can rely on their massive databases of candidates that they have probably never connected with personally. Small firms work with real people and will send you qualified candidates. We at DCM Staffing have full conversations with each and every candidate we send to a client, focusing on quality over quantity.

5. Direct and Honest Feedback

Recruiters from small firms can provide feedback on what they are seeing in the market and hear from the candidates quickly and efficiently. As they are speaking with both parties directly, they have a 360 view of the market at can be frank about where they can help and where they cannot.

6. Less Red Tape

Recruiters at small firms have direct access to the business owners or partners to be able to quickly create customized solutions to meet your needs in terms of service and affordability.

7. You’re Working with the Best of the Best

In an extremely competitive industry, it takes a lot of hard work and stamina for recruiters to stay on the agency side long-term. At a small firm, there are no large sales or recruitment teams to hide behind. Every recruiter you work with at a small agency has an integral role in their company and must be good at what they do to survive the industry.

8. Family Feel

While we can’t speak for every agency on this point, this is certainly true of many small recruitment firms, including here at DCM. Recruiters at small firms go through the best and the worst times together and often have strong internal relationships. You are not working with a large firm where you are just a number in their system, but with a small business that truly values your partnership.

We hope you will think about using a small recruiting firm for your hiring needs. We would be honored if you would consider us to be your recruitment partner. Learn more about our services and specialties.