Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency in Your Next Job Search

Compass pointing towards a new career.

If you are starting to search for your next job opportunity, it may be beneficial to get in touch with a recruitment agency. There are many advantages to working with a staffing firm throughout the entire application and interview process.

Why Work with a Recruiter?

1. Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Recruiters have relationships with HR teams or hiring managers and will often be able to get you direct answers, even if that answer is no preventing that feeling of the resume black hole. Ghosting becomes less pervasive when you deal with a motivated 3rd party.

2. Access to Different Job Openings

Recruitment agencies work on many different opportunities you never would have found on your own. Potentially even job openings that have never been posted out to the public!

3. Insights and Feedback on the Interview Process

You will have an opportunity to get some details on the company and role before submitting your resume for the job, an opportunity that would not be available if you were to go and apply on your own to a company.

Also, recruiters have direct relationships with the hiring managers and human resources teams, they have inside knowledge on the company and the culture which will help you understand the overall fit.

When an offer is presented, your recruiter will be there to as a mediator to guide and recommend possible next steps.

4. Experts in the Field

Recruiters speak with multiple companies and many different candidates daily. This gives them a unique perspective on the industry as a whole. They have a strong understanding of market trends, resume advice, and expectations that will be helpful throughout the interview process.

5. They are Free

Many people may not realize that working with a third-party recruitment agency is free! Placement fees are paid by the company, so as a candidate looking for a job you won’t incur any cost. So why not reach out to a recruiter and see if they can help you streamline your search!

What to Look for in a Recruitment Firm

First and foremost, you will want to look for a firm or a recruiter that specializes in your industry. Recruiters will often list their areas of focus on their company website and on their individual LinkedIn profiles. Finding someone that is targeted in your field will increase your chances of finding a good match. However, there are many excellent general recruiters out there too, but keep in mind roles that fit your specific experience may be few and far between.

How to Reach Out to a Recruiter

There are several good ways to reach out to a recruiter. First, if they have a job listed on their website that you are qualified for, start by applying there.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter or sign up for job alerts too.

Submitting your resume via email is another good option. However, be brief in your email. Attach your resume along with just a sentence or two highlighting your experience.

Reaching out to a few different recruiting firms in your industry may be a good idea to make sure you have good coverage in your search.


Keep in mind, recruiters are experts at finding great matches between job openings and candidates. Recruiters do not typically search for jobs on behalf of an individual person. If you are looking for that service, you may want to take the route of a career coach.

If recruiters do not have a job that matches your background, they will often want to stay in touch for future opportunities, so send them your resume for their database and connect on LinkedIn too!


There are a lot of benefits to connecting with a third-party recruiter and we hope this inspires you to work with one on your next search. Though we focus on marketing and analytics positions, we do have recruiters that specialize in many industries, so please check out our job board and subscribe to our newsletter. Happy hunting!