Jessica L, Billing Manager

Peggy reached out to me based on my Indeed resume about a director position at a large medical practice that she thought my experience would be perfect for.   Never having been directly recruited before, I was a bit surprised (and a little skeptical about the validity of the contact, if I’m being honest).  However, I found Peggy to be friendly, thorough, and consistent with communication.  When I was not selected for that initial position, Peggy did a great job of supporting and encouraging me to keep my head up.  A couple weeks later, another opportunity at that same company opened up and Peggy contacted me immediately—when I expressed interest, she got right on the phone with upper management to make sure I was in the running and coordinated an interview just two days later.  She remained in contact with both myself and the company until I had an offer letter in hand and has recently followed up to check in on me during my first week.  Overall I could not have asked for a better experience here, Peggy was wonderful and I will contact her if ever I find myself looking for employment again in the future!